X Hydromelt INX

X HYDROMELT INX© is the first synthetic hydrogel precursor ink that can be printed from melt rather than from solution, thanks to our patented CURASOL© technology. Printing from melt produces strong and robust hydrogel scaffolds with an excellent control over the geometry.

It is non-biodegradable and biologically inert, but can be coated with the provided coating solution to allow cells to adhere and proliferate on the scaffold.

X HYDROMELT INX© is provided as a white solid in a prefilled 3 ml cartridge. It can be printed from melt after heating.

X HYDROMELT INX© COATING SOLUTION: Cell-interactive coating solution to be applied after printing. 

Printer requirements: Heatable printhead (55 - 65 °C) with nozzle insulator and cooled printbed (12 - 17 °C)

Specifications (all variations)
Appearance (20°C) Off-white solid
Melting temperature 40 - 50 °C
Crystallinity 45 - 55 %
Viscosity at 60 °C 10 - 30 Pa.s
Young's modulus after hydration 2 - 5 MPa
Water uptake capacity 150 - 200 %
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