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X HYDROBIO INX© U200 is a gelatin-based hydrogel developed specifically for Upnano. It provides all the biological benefits of conventional gelatin-based materials in combination with two-photon polymerization processability enhanced by a high reactivity and fast curing speed. As a result, the bioink can be processed in the presence of cells at fast writing speeds resulting in a high cell viability.

It is based on gelatin type B derived from  natural collagen, which is modified with photo-processable functional groups, which can be cured at 780 nm in the presence of the supplied crosslinker.

After processing, it mimics the natural extra cellular matrix to a large extent resulting in a high cell viability.  Additionally, as the formed hydrogel is biodegradable, it allows cells to remodel the environment and substitute it with newly formed ECM over time.


Key Properties:

  • Biocompatibility: supports cell encapsulation, adhesion and proliferation.


  • Reproducibility: Production under strict quality control


  • Biodegradability: enables cellular remodelling of the printed matrix.


  • Easy handling: Delivered in a ready-to-use kit containing a concentrated stock solution, dilution buffer, developer and crosslinker for 10 prints in the presence or absence of cells. Ready for printing in 10 min


  • Stable for at least 3 months at 4 – 8°C

Available exclusively at UPNANO: